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HARNISH gives the Ashley Bean Band what they deserve...respect.

The world of heavy metal is a bit over-saturated with cookie monster vocals and let's be honest - dudes. Lots and lots of dudes.  While I might not place the Ashley Bean band in the heavy metal category, they are certainly a nice change of pace and gender in the world of rock.  I'd go even go as far to say they are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise polluted environment.

If you haven't heard of the Ashley Bean Band you may be one of the last ones to the party.  With thousands of followers between Facebook and YouTube, word has been out in social media about this up and coming act. The front-woman, as you can guess, is Ashley Bean.  She's drawn comparison to such legendary acts as Joan Jett and she certainly has that 'It' factor.  She has all the makings of a rock star and could be knocking on the door step of the next big thing.

Their new album is entitled "What You Deserve" and after watching the title track's music video I just had to dive in and listen some more.  In my mind, it isn't the guitar tones or screaming vocals that make something's
the attitude.  Attitude is in no short supply here.  Ashley, who does double duty on guitar and vocals, carries herself with a certain irresistible swagger.

The standout song from What You Deserve is the title track.  What You Deserve rightfully takes front and center of the album.  It's the kind of tune you could expect to hear on the radio about a million times and end up liking little bit more each time.  It certainly has mass-appeal, but enough bite that it never feels mainstream.  Like many of her other songs, it's Ashley's relatable lyrics and themes that anyone can catch on with. 

Another thing that makes Ashley so special is the stripped down quality of her vocals.  She's not over-processed and auto-tuned. Listening to What You Deserve, the vocals could be completely raw and still sound incredible.  And not that the point needs proving, but there's a video on YouTube of Ashley jamming this song acoustically.  This seals the deal for me.  If you dig,
this band, it's a must-watch!  Ashley could be singing this in someone's living room, at a party, and would sound every bit as badass as she does on the album.

"You Know" and "Your (sic) My Lover" are two other standout tracks where you can feel the emotion in Ashley's writing.  When a song-writer can easily transfer emotion to the listener, that's when you know you've got something special.  It comes back to that "It" factor, and let me tell you Ashley has it.  If there's more acoustic videos to come, Ashley please put these on the list!

Her new album delivers track after track of edgy, genre-pushing guitar riffs. But most importantly, track after track of Ashley's creative grit.  What You Deserve and "My Kind Of Ride" are the songs getting most of the spins, but as you might expect...HARNISH  was drawn to a track called "Halloween".  It's a whole lot of dark fun.  The church organ intro is killer and the song just continues to develop into a rock showpiece.  It's a little bit Type O, a little bit Misfits, and a whole lot of Ashley Bean. In the words of my boys on the Licking County Metal Show...Horns Up! \||/

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